Your diet is not only what you eat.

It is what you watch, what you listen to, what you read, and the people you hang around.

It's time to start to pay attention to what you feed your soul, not just your stomach.

Losing weight involves both the physical aspect of your 3D body and the energetic dimension of your 5D body.

When you release what doesn't serve you emotionally and mentally in your energetic body first your physical body loses weight with ease.

My name is Colleen.

I'm a woman in recovery from many things including alcoholism, an eating disorder, codependency and crippling anxiety.

When I started my healing journey I realized that all of my self sabotaging patterns were all merely a symptom of a core worthiness wound.

I help clients see the bigger connections between patterns in their lives & release the negative beliefs holding them back through breathwork and neuroplasticity work.

Get ready to tap into your subconscious mind to achieve the 3D and 5D results you've been desiring!

In our work together you will shift your perspective about your life stressors & move from judgment / criticism to gratitude / acceptance.

You will learn my proven system to heal at the root your issues around worthiness that are holding you in a body & life you're not comfortable in.

You will heal your relationship with yourself on the deepest level which will create a ripple effect in ALL areas of your life!

Your self worth is your ceiling.

If you don't feel worthy of losing the weight you'll self sabotage your results.

If you don't feel worthy of a healed relationship you'll never find one.

Self worth is attained through approaching your goals from a higher level of consciousness & acceptance for the past.

This requires you to show up with radical self compassion and to anchor into radical self love, which leads to radical self worth.

In turn, this allows you to reach your goals with ease.

What is stopping you from achieving the results you desire?

(Watch my video to find out!)

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