Your diet is not only what you eat.

It is what you watch,

what you listen to,

what you read,

& the people you hang around.

It's time to start to pay attention to what you feed your soul, not just your stomach.

Energetic weight loss balances weight loss is your physical 3d body & your energetic 5d body.

When you release what doesn't serve you emotionally & mentally in your energetic body first your physical body loses weight with ease.

In our work together you will shift your perspective about your life stressors & move from judgment / criticism to gratitude / acceptance.

You will learn my proven system to heal at the root your issues around worthiness that are holding you in a body & life you're not comfortable in.

You will heal your relationship with yourself on the deepest level which will create a ripple effect in ALL areas of your life!

So... what is stopping you from achieving the results you desire?

(Watch my video to find out!)

Opportunities to Work with Me

The Vision - 1 hour call

Are you ready to see the path to your new vision?
Ready to have everything you desire?
Ready to hop on a zoom session with me & have me tap into anything holding you back from that?

The Dream - 6 month business mentorship

In this structured 6 month program you will learn how to build a thriving business. Break through procrastination & overwhelm & learn how to communicate simply in your actions, your marketing & your energy to draw in a thriving business with ease!

The Void - 6 month program

In this structured 6-month program.. You will understand & heal the root of your pull towards external dopamine hits (food, alcohol, scrolling, drama in relationships, social media, etc) to cope with uncomfortable feelings. It’s only you who can fill your void & if you look enough into the void the void begins to look back at you.

The Vortex - 6 month program

In this structured 6-month program.. you will learn how to create a positive mental attitude to change every facet of your life! Self mastery, emotional intelligence, emotional awareness, law of attraction & law of assumption mastery.

Physically Fit & Spiritually Fed - 6 month program

In this structured 6-month program… you will be guided through a 2 part process to claim your power, create your dream body and sustain it. You will release any negative obsession with weight loss and begin to enjoy your health journey. You will finally understand the missing piece to why you have not been able to maintain your goals in the past. 

Embodied Eating - 21 day program

Heal your relationship with food for good.

Get ready to change the neural pathways in your brain that are keeping you stuck in self sabotaging cycles with food.

The Forgiveness Diet - 21 day program

The most powerful thing you can do to reach your goals is forgive yourself for past mistakes. Are you ready to fully forgive & release what you've been holding onto?

Mindful Body & Life Collective - month to month membership

The monthly membership with all the tools you need to overcome self sabotage, heal trauma & reconnect with inner happiness! A library of resources with weekly trainings updated to get the energetic balance of healing in your body & your mind you need to go from surviving to thriving!