3 week transformational experience unlike anything you've ever experienced 

Your inner child lives in your subconscious mind 

This is where your core view of the world lives which is developed by the age of 8

From birth to 7 we are all ego eccentric which means we think everything revolves around us causing you to think things are your fault or “wrong” because of you

This 3 week container is going to change all of this from you on a subconscious level

Somatic inner child healing teaches you how to slow down and tune into your inner child so you can heal your core perception of the world

Get ready to learn-

-How to regulate your nervous system in the present moment as well as in your subconscious mind where your inner child’s nervous system lives 

-How to strengthen your internal family system through reparenting, reframing and reaffirming 

-How to understand and rewrite your attachment style 

After 3 weeks- 

-External relationships will heal

-Learn radical self Confidence

-Experience deep self compassion

-Heal trust issues

-Be able to express your emotions

-Develop healthy copying mechanisms

-Learn how to respond not react to life

-Be able to hold opposing thoughts 

This 21 day coaching container gives you the external support and accountability you need to do the deeper dive to reframe, reparent and reaffirm your perception of the world on a subconscious level 

We start 4/24 - spaces are limited and this will sell out 

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