Welcome to the Mindful Body + Life Collective

An online course where you get the tools to go from knowing better to consistently doing better- which is a journey in itself.

We are typically our biggest roadblock in achieving our goals, whether we like to believe so or not... 

Our thoughts and our habits are so Ingrained, we don't even realize just how much we get In our own way. 

The truth is there’s no exact way to stay healthy & maintain an ideal body weight. We all store energy on our bodies uniquely based off mindsets we've accumulated from past trauma

The principles of this course allow you to empower yourself & keep stress at bay & release the negative energy that has been the underlying issue to getting & sustaining the results you desire both physically, mentally & emotionally.

Get ready to out grow the current version of yourself that has been holding onto stress & trauma physically & grow into a version of yourself that attracts happiness in your body & lets it ripple into a deeper level of happiness in ALL the areas of your life!

Overcome self sabotage, heal trauma & reconnect with inner happiness

In this self guided course you will establish the tools to establish the ability to eliminate stress & build emotional resiliency.

Your subconscious beliefs will be opened up so you can realize & release the limiting beliefs that have unknowingly been holding you back!

Through this work you will be able to identify & release suppressed emotions that are effecting how you operate in your day to day life.

You will quickly learn we're never upset about what we think we're upset about & establish the tools to give yourself a "life raft" as I like to call it to change those engrained patterns that have been holding you back & keeping you self sabotaging in getting from where you are to where you want to be.

When you learn to calm down your central nervous system & lower cortisol levels you allow body & mind can to release excess the mental & physical weight that's been holding you back with ease. 

This online based course has a library of principles to empower you to lead a mindful life 

The course guides you through a library of resources to integrate & release the core wounding / emotions that have you operating on autopilot & give yourself the ability to become conscious in an unconscious world to create sustainable results in your mind & body.

Library of Resources Include:

Recorded live trainings

Goal setting tools

Journaling prompts

Breathwork / energy work

Recorded workouts

& "The Power of the Pause" podcast episodes


We are ALL the creators not the victims of our life! Journaling allows you to master the power of your mindset to calling into my reality the life you desire. Learn how to tell the universe what you desire & give yourself a profound level of self awareness to see where you’re self sabotaging in the small actions of the day that swing (or don’t swing) the big hinges you’re calling in as your reality.

Prompts for:



Check ins on your emotions for the day

Letters to your future self 

& more calling in effortless attraction with the leading vibe being ease & flow!


Breathwork calms down your central nervous system and lowers cortisol levels so your body can easily release excess weight. A regular breathwork practice changes the way your brain operates & allows you to change your response to the stress of life.

Included is a library of recorded breathwork sessions ranging from 5 to 20 minutes that incorporate energy work to shift your emotions & help you stay in a positive headspace. 


These mindful workouts are focused on calming the nervous system through guided breath work so you can release excess weight through listening to your body & tuning into your natural ability to heal.

Each workout has a mindset focus that will challenge your body and your mind & are broken down by:

Lower body

Upper body

Full body

& stretch / core

Mindful Body & Life Collective Library of Resources

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  Creating your plan
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  Weekly trainings
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  Breath Work
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  "The Power of the Pause" Podcast
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  Workouts - Lower Body
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  Workouts - Upper Body
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  Workouts - Full Body
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  Workouts - Core / Stretch
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"Colleen has taught me to love my body no matter what and how to become a healthier, stronger person, physically and mentally. I will always be a work in progress but that's ok because I am truly happy with who I am. Thank you, Colleen!"

-Lori F.

"Colleen is fabulous! She puts all her effort into each client. She has your best interest at heart and will work with you to get you where you need to be, mentally and physically! Never met a more sincere and compassionate coach! Highly, highly recommend!"

-Jennifer D.

"Colleen is the best. Focuses on what you need with incredible energy. She is truly devoted to helping you meet your goals whether around fitness or nutrition! Highly recommended!"

-Robin C.