If you're ready to stop gaining and losing the same 5 - 10 pounds & have ease choosing food that works with and for your goals Embodied Eating is for you!

In this 21 day intensive you will have daily 1-1 coaching to rewire your brain in the initial 7-10 seconds it has to change the patterns to reach for food to cope with life's stressors.

It takes 18 days to start a new habit. This program gives you the external accountability through the first phase of change to create the internal changes you've been looking for!

Program includes:

-A day by day eating guide thats a culmination of the methodology used to help 100's of people create and sustain long term sustainable weight loss results.

-Daily 1-1 accountability check ins to apply these principles to your individual life.

-Daily 10 minute pre recorded voice audios with tips and mindset work you can listen to on the go as many times in the day as you need to implement change.

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"Colleen is literally changing my life!

I have gone from being in fight or flight reactive, survival mode to being in a state of rest and digest, calm, peace & PRESENCE where I am able to respond from my most authentic self!

As Colleen always says, you don’t have a weight loss problem, you have a cortisol problem.

I really wish this was talked about so much more!!"

-Amanda M.

"I've been working with Colleen for over 3 years now and she holds me accountable and helps me navigate my goals in a realistic way.

I've learned to let of the black and white thinking I had for years and live in the "grey" as she calls it.

I've developed a long term, sustainable approach to my health that allows me to feel good while I juggle mom life and working full time in the medical field."

-Vanessa R.

"Colleen is fabulous! She puts all her effort into each client.

She has the best interest at heart and will work with you to get you where you need to be, mentally and physically!

I've never meet a more sincere and passionate coach! Highly recommend!"

-Jen D.